Happy New Year!

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The holidays have passed and our days have started to again grow longer. Through 2010 we faced many challenges from watching what might happen with the Gulf Oil Spill (which thankfully never reached our shores) to having our gas shut off for a few days after an accident. We also had many great  fun and rewarding opportunities such as the Italian Festival and being honored as celebrity Chef assisting the Harry Chapin Food Bank Empty Bowls of Lee County fund raiser.

As we look into 2011 here at LaMotta’s, Chef Carmelo is still coming in early every day to start the preparation of the fresh ingredients that go into the food we serve. It’s that time of year again to look at revising the menu, tweaking it to what our customers love or are requesting. Rumor has it that if a suggestion for a menu item is used, you’ll receive a bottle of wine and you’ll be made famous with your picture on the website! Ask for Chef Carmelo and tell him your favorite recipe on our site and get a free dessert!

We look forward to seeing you in the restaurant soon! Happy New Year!